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My name is Elizabeth Beuke and I am based out of Spring, TX.


I perform on indoor/ outdoor location portrait photography, studio photography and Wedding Photography in northwest Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. I love to photograph people, whether it is maternity sessions, newborn babies, toddlers, children, seniors, weddings or special events.


A little about me...


My first introduction and interest in photography happened when I was a young child, my Dad worked with photography for his job at the time. I remember him taking a lot of pictures of my brother and I as we were growing up. As I got older, I took a photography class in high school, where I learned on a 35 mm. Also while I was in high school, I was discovered by a local modeling agency at a concert. I was always told I could be a model because I was tall and skinny. The agency accepted me in their modeling school and had my first professional photo shoot to have pictures made for my portfolio. I remember that it was the first time in my life that I actually felt beautiful. Up until then, I was a 5'9" lanky girl with knobby knees, and thick brunette hair- at least that's all I saw when I looked in the mirror. The photographer and makeup artist saw something else; they somehow managed to bring a confident girl in front of the camera. I didn't know the professional side of photography and posing for the camera. Although when the shoot ended I went back to my painfully shy form and I was amazed at how the photographer was able to capture and preserve the beauty and confidence I had felt for only a few short hours. It was then; I found my love and passion for photography.


I founded Elizabeth B Photography with the same belief in mind- to capture the beauty that exists within all of us even though we may not see it. I want to capture those sweet moments in your life, with photographs that you will cherish for a life-time.


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